Gift Guide for the Blogger

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 15, 2019
Today's Gift Guide is for all my fellow bloggers! Nothing means more than the support from friends and family, so why not gift them something that shows you care? When creating our blogs, we spend a lot of time planning, taking photos, and working on our computers - below are 13 items that every blogger needs to help rock her slice of the internet.

1. Comfortable Leggings - There's nothing better than comfortable pants while blogging.
2. Notebooks - A cute journal to jot down post ideas.
3. 2020 Planner - Help her stay on top of her writing schedule and fun events. 
4. Phone Tripod - These days, we use our phones to take photos more than anything else.
5. Inspiring Mug - This "Get After It" mug is perfect.
6. Motivational Artwork - Daily motivation to hang by her desk.
7. Camera Timer - Taking blog photos alone has never been easier.
8. Light & Airy Presets - I use these to help keep my Instagram cohesive.
9. Blue Light Glasses - Staring at a computer for hours can be hard on the eyes, so these are perfect.
10. Idea Journal - A book filled to the brim with ideas.
11. Felt Letter Board - The perfect prop for cute flatlays.
12. Laptop Carrier - This backpack has pockets for her laptop and notebooks, plus it's super cute.
13. External Drive - Help back up her posts and photos to ensure she never loses anything.

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