Labor Day Weekend in Chicago

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, September 10, 2020
My Labor Day Weekend was so fun! My best friend who moved to Texas a year ago came to visit, which was so nice. We saw each other briefly in June when we were both in South Carolina, but it was the first time we've spent solid time together since February (boo Covid). The weekend was the perfect combination of going out with friends and staying in, exercising and pampering. Read all about it below.
*Disclaimer - throughout the weekend, we all took our safety very seriously. We wore our masks, took our temperatures, and anyone who had any inkling they had been exposed to Covid-19 stayed home.
After picking Betty up at the airport, we headed to Anil's for dinner. We opted for Greek food at Kalamata Kitchen, which was delicious (highly recommend their hummus). We spent the rest of the night sitting on Anil's balcony, catching up, enjoying the weather, and snuggling Lady.
My friend Sarah's birthday celebration had been planned for this weekend for months and we were ready! Before kicking off the celebration, Betty and I did some grocery shopping (she bought me happy housewarming flowers) and made breakfast. From there, we met at Sarah's house for mimosas. Then, the main event - enjoying a boat ride along Lake Michigan. I spent the first hour incredibly sea sick, but as soon as I went in the water (via the boat's slide), I felt 100% better. The rest of the time on the lake was filled with great music, Mai Tais, and photoshoots. We ended the night watching a movie at my place and going to sleep nice and early.

Sunday was our day of pampering. Betty and I really wanted to treat ourselves, so we booked appointments to get our nails done and have massages. Before our spa day kicked off, we worked out at my gym (my first time in months), which was a great way to start our day. After our evening massages, Anil came over for Thai food, and later, some girlfriends joined to watch Mulan.

Betty hadn't been back to Chicago since last summer, so she really wanted to spend some time downtown. It's funny how living in city makes you forget how truly wonderful it is to explore. Briana, Betty, and I chose to walk from our apartment in South Loop down along Michigan Ave. We stopped at Beat Kitchen for drinks and a snack on the river, then headed to Starbucks Reserve. It was my first time visiting and was definitely worth the hype. Each floor has different features, giving you a unique look into the world of Starbucks. Monday was the perfect end to our long weekend.

It was truly a perfect weekend spent with my best friend, enjoying one of our last summer weekends in Chicago.

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Cheers to a wonderful long weekend!
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