Holiday Gift Guide: Camping

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, November 22, 2022
It's officially time to kick-off gift guide season on the blog! I absolutely love choosing gifts for my loved ones, so always look forward this time of year. If you're new to Lavender Elizabeth, rather than do gift guides "for her" or "for in-laws," etc., I put together themed, curated lists for you. This year, I've chosen to share ideas for both things I love, as well as what my family and friends love.

First up - gifts for campers and hikers. My family grew up camping every summer and those trips are some of my most cherished memories. Thankfully I have friends that love camping as much as I do, so I've been able to enjoy it as an adult, too. Below are some tried and true items, as well as some fun additions to enjoy around the campfire. 

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1. Campfire story prompts to get creative around the fire.
2. "Would you Rather?" Campfire Edition is sure to make you laugh.
3. Campout card deck for a quick guide to all things camping.
4. Jetboil pot for easy on-the-go cooking.
5. Water reservoir to stay hydrated while hiking.
6. Tent ornament to share your love for camping on your tree.
7. Patterned camping socks - just for fun.
8. Four-pack of roasting sticks to make tasty s'mores.
9. Hiking boots for a multitude of terrains.
10. Fleece-lined flannel to stay warm (and fashionable).
11. Yeti mug to keep your coffee hot.
12. Electric lantern to hang in your tent for extra light.
13. Small backpacking pack for overnight trips.
14. Field guide to campfire cooking to make delicious meals.
15. Extra-long sleeping bag for a good night's sleep.
16. Reusable silicone storage bags to keep food fresh.
17. Four-person tent to camp with friends.
18. Six-piece dinnerware kit for outdoor dining.
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Happy gifting!
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