Introduction: Dear Wedding Day

by Lavender Elizabeth, February 04, 2013

I have a confession...I love weddings and I love planning! Whenever I find myself having free time, I'm constantly on my wedding Pinterest! I have always loved planning get-togethers and parties for my friends, and over the past couple years, I have had the guilty pleasure of planning weddings. My friends have told me that I should be a wedding planner (and honestly, that would be my dream job), so I thought why not get a head start!?

A little bit about me: (That's me down there...)

My name is Ainsley and I am currently a student at University of California, Davis. I was accepted into UCD as a biomedical engineering major, but after two years in that major, I realized that I was just kidding myself - I hated it! I am now double majoring in Organizational Studies and Managerial Economics and I love it! I love learning how people work and how they interact with one another and I've also always been very good at solving problems and mediating between people - I am now thinking HR (if becoming a wedding planner doesn't work out).

I love my family and friends more than life itself. They make my world go 'round and are so supportive and caring!

I am also a woman of God. I was saved four and half years ago and my life has been so much better ever since. I am continually finding new ways to show my love for the Lord and his Son.

Here's to a new adventure full of my wedding obsession!

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