101 List: Joining a Christian Group on Campus

by Lavender Elizabeth, June 19, 2013
Growth Group BBQ

Who: Myself & College Life

What: Joining a Christian Group
Where: UC Davis
When: Spring Quarter 2013
From101 List #2

For a long time now, I've been wanting to get connected with a Christian group on campus. My faith is the most important thing in my life, but my health had been holding me back from joining. I was finally feeling better this quarter, so no longer had an excuse. Halfway through the quarter, I emailed a girl asking if I could join her Growth Group (like a Bible Study), and it went from there!

I emailed Evelyn on Monday (April 22) and the next day met someone else from College Life. Clara and I decided to study at Starbucks (which we never do) and had to sit outside (there were no tables inside), and there we overheard a conversation. After eavesdropping for a few minutes, I turned around and informed them that I was doing that, and asked if they were apart of College Life - they were! We talked for a little bit and he mentioned Spring Retreat which was the following weekend. That night, I received an email from the coordinator and then paid at my first growth group meeting.

1) emailed Evelyn about Growth Group on Monday, April 22
2) met Zach on Tuesday, April 23
3) went to Growth Group & paid for retreat on Wednesday, April 24
4) left for Spring Retreat (with complete strangers) on Friday, April 26 - Sunday April 28

Going on Spring Retreat, despite it being so far outside my comfort zone, was the best decision! My faith was encouraged, the speaker was incredible, and that weekend solidified my feeling that College Life was where God wanted me.

Growth Group became the highlight of my quarter. The women were great! My friends from high school are some of the most wonderful, Godly women that I have ever met, and this group reminded me so much of them! They made me feel so welcomed and loved, and taught me so much and brought me closer to the Lord in such a small amount of time! I am so unbelievably grateful to have spent the second half of spring quarter with them and cannot wait for next year!

Spring Retreat - the Juniors
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