2013: A Year, Old and New

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, January 30, 2014
As the first month of 2014 comes to a close, I decided to take a look back at my year in 2013 and look ahead to what I want to accomplish as this new year continues. Seeing how many things happen in a year helps remind you of the life that's fleeting, along with helping remember the amazing time that God's given you in such a short time.

My 2013

1. Went on College Life Retreat
2. Got back into Chi Omega.
3. Changed my major!
4. Truly grew in my faith and learned what it meant to be a true follower of Christ.
5. Checked a lot of things off my 101 Lists.
6. Started my Etsy shop for my paddle keychains.
7. Enjoyed a family weekend in Chicago.
8. Finally, truly, experienced being in college.
9. Took a road trip to LA.
10. Had a girls' weekend in Las Vegas.
11. Experienced a new culture and enjoyed new adventures in Jamaica.
12. Grew my mediation and conflict-resolution skills.
13. Made the decision to get baptized.

Looking ahead to 2014...
...I want to get baptized
...I want to go to church
...I want to finish my senior year bucket list with my friends
...I want to make significant progress on "The Light that Carried Me"
...I want to meet someone incredible
...I want to continue to read the Bible & growth books to learn even more about the Lord
...I want to become more involved in College Life
...I want to experience Chi Omega in all its glory
...I want to get a job or an internship
...I want to look into medical studies for my illnesses, along with my own medical charts
...I want to continue to grow in my relationships in college
...I want to spend less money and keep track of my finances
...and I want to get involved with a foster care program.
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