Welcome to 2016

by Lavender Elizabeth, January 19, 2016

2015 was a big year for Dear Wedding Day. The business was launched (see here for details), I hit 100 followers on Instagram, had 20000 page views, and developed a true style.

2016 will be a year full of creativity, planning, workshops, and growth.

This year, DWD will look a little different. #DecemberwithDWD was so much fun, I decided that I will no longer being doing the same posts each week (Spotlight Monday, Inspiration Tuesday, Color Wheel Wednesday, etc.). Instead, I'm going to create posts that I'm inspired by. Whether this falls into one of the above categories or features a DIY project, I'm going to follow my own wedding inspiration and create something personal.

This year, DWD will grow as a business. I will start reaching out to local businesses in Illinois to help you in your planning. I will also reach out to business across the country in order to spotlight them for customers in other states. I hope to show you my planning and coordinating style throughout the year, creating truly beautiful weddings for beautiful couples.

This year, DWD will feature even more real couples. One of my favorite parts of this year was having the opportunity to learn and share couples' stories with you. From their first meeting to their wedding day, expect more love and even more photos!

This year, DWD will be an adventure that I cannot wait to share with you!

xo, Ainsley
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