My May Recap & June To Do List

by Lavender Elizabeth, June 01, 2017
May was so full! I was in Naperville every weekend for different reasons - friends visiting at the beginning and end of the month, spending time with mom for Mothers' Day, and dinner in the city with visiting family. It was a busy month, but so fun! June is about to be just a busy, as I have some big changes happening - I'm moving to the Chicago suburbs to start a new job in Human Resources! I cannot wait to begin this new stage of life. Enjoy May's recap and my June to-dos below.

(Finally) get my Illinois license.
I'm terrible. Next month, it's happening. It has to.

Go through my closet and donate unworn items.
I donated 17 pairs of pants and 43 shirts. All that's left to go through are my dresses and sweaters.

Update my wardrobe with some cute spring pieces (as a reward for cleaning out the closet).
I bought a pair of white jeans and two dresses, but that's all. Still have some shopping to do.

Follow Southern Magnolias' blogging (and Instagram) schedule.
We posted about three of our jewel-toned shoot vignettes: the reception space, cocktail lounge, and sweetheart table.

Try my hand at weekly meal planning.
Definitely didn't do this. Don't even have a good reason. ;)

Begin a new skincare routine.
Yes! And I'm already seeing a difference!

Start sketching again as a way to relax.
Sadly, I never got to this. But I came up with a sketching plan for June.

Share my story with depression in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.
You can read the letter to my depression here (and reasons why I'm happy here).

Celebrate my high school seniors' graduations.
So proud of all of them!

Enjoy a girls' weekend in Chicagoland with my college best friends.
We had so much fun! You can read all about it here.

Spend time with friends during my last few days in Urbana.

(Still) finally get my Illinois license.

Move to Naperville.

Start my new job in Human Resources.

Rearrange and decorate my room at my parents' house.

Begin planning Bethany's wedding.

Get my 50,000 mile checkup done on my car.

Read my Bible every night before bed.

Begin the 30 Days of Gratitude sketchbook challenge.

Find a church in my new city.

What are your June plans?
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