Sunday, July 15, 2018

Currently // June to July


I think I was busy every weekend throughout the month of June. I started out the month in Cancun with childhood friends and ended it with a three-day country festival in Chicago. In between there I went to the lake, celebrated my one-year work anniversary, and spent time with my dad for Father's Day. It was hectic, but oh so wonderful!

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  2. Currently // May to June A recap of last month and a look at the one to come
  3. Weekend Recap // Memorial Day A rundown of our eight year tradition
  4. Trip Recap // Cancun Palm trees, sunshine, and a killer sunburn
  5. Fun Activities to do with Dad this Father's Day Activities to do with dad
  6. Our Weekend at the Lake All the fun we had at our weekend away on the lake
  7. Weekend Recap // Country LakeShake Three days of country concert fun
  8. What I'm Loving this Month // June A review of everything I loved in June

June 30-July 1: move out of my Urbana apartment
July 4: celebrate the Fourth with friends
July 5-9: celebrate Kristina's Bachelorette Party in Portland
July 9-11: head to headquarters for Diageo's Induction
July 14: go to Chicago to tour my new home
July 21: move a friend into his new apartment
July 28: celebrate a friend's birthday in the city

Along with the above, I have a couple of items on my to-do list:
  1. Get back in the routine of reading a devotional before going to sleep.
  2. Start packing up my things to move to Chicago.
Have a wonderful July!

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