Our Family Tree + Christmas Traditions

in , , by Lavender Elizabeth, December 24, 2018
I absolutely love the holidays! It's my favorite time of the year because of all the decor and time spent with my family. Over the years, our family tree has become one of my favorite things. We have ornaments hung that were my great-grandparents' as well as some that we bought this year. It's a true representation of our family and the places we've been and the experiences we've had. In honor of Christmas Eve, I'm sharing our tree, some of my favorite ornaments, and the traditions we've carried on over the years.

The Nutcracker
Every year, since I was 6 years old, we've gone to the Nutcracker. After each performance, we always bought an ornament. Around our tree you'll find dozens of ballerinas and nutcrackers.

Tiny Dancer (My Favorite Ornament)
Growing up, I used to dance competitively and my parents always called me tiny dancer. When I opened this in my stocking, it quickly became my favorite ornament.

Our Travels
We started a tradition of buying ornaments whenever we travel somewhere new. These ones are from trips to Amsterdam and Paris; you'll also find ornaments from Mexico, Jamaica, Arizona, California, and so many more.

Mrs. Claus
Every year in our stockings, Mrs. Claus would knit us something special to hang on the tree. One year, it was ugly Christmas sweaters, another it was mittens.

Our Pups
Both of our dogs are represented on our tree. They had to have a spot on the family tree since they are such big parts of our lives.

My Dad
All over the tree there's little representations of my dad. There's this "workshop" bear, a toolkit, and many others.

My Mom
The ornament on the left is a favorite. My mom's had it since she was a kid and we always make sure she's the one who hangs it on the tree. The one on the right represents one of the many ornaments that came from my great-grandparents' collection. We always comment on how creepy the birds are, but we love what they represent, so they're proudly showcased.

The first year the Kenneth joined our Christmas, my mom wanted to make sure he was represented on the tree. His collection started out with a football and a Marine's helmet.

Me and My Sister
All over the tree you'll find photos of me and my sister. There's some with missing teeth, first cars, and some unfortunate hair cuts hung on our tree.

Ornaments from our childhood include TV shows, like Arthur, and handmade crafts from elementary school.

Sister Love
Many ornaments on the tree have come from stockings. Bethany and I always loved the ones that focused on our passions or our friendship.

Our Christmas Traditions

Christmas Eve: We open one gift and it's always a new set of PJs. 

Christmas Morning: My sister comes into my room when she wakes up and we open our stockings together. It's one of my favorite traditions!

Christmas Breakfast: Every year, we make Wifesaver and have it as part of our morning brunch.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve! As for me, I'll be anxiously awaiting my new set of pajamas. ;)
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