What I'm Loving this Month + April Favorites

by Lavender Elizabeth, April 28, 2019
This month, I discovered a blog that I've fallen in love with. The Sister Studio has the cutest style and some great advice on all things fashion. While reading her blog, I came across her February Faves post and loved the idea. With her inspiration, I'm adding my favorites to each monthly Loving post.


Big news: I've decided to return to the suburbs of Chicago. I'm commuting like a crazy person, so it's time. This means I've been hunting for my new home - so fun! I found the perfect place and can't wait to move there in July.

I've been rocking a baby blue for the past two weeks and it's so cute (see below). It was a last minute decision and I'm so glad I went with it. Plus - the compliments have been nice. ;)

My roommate and I joined Kayla Itsines' BBG workout program and it's been great. I made a goal to start working out consistently and so far, this app has really helped. I love that it gives you a schedule and slowly increases the difficulty. I can already feel myself getting stronger.


Favorite Songs: Dark Horse by Devin Dawson and Cool by the Jonas Brothers (so catchy!)

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones is back and as amazing as ever

Favorite Movie: My roommate and I watched The Perfect Date on Netflix and it was so cute (typical teenage rom-com that's perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon)

Favorite Vacation: I started my month in Charleston with my sister and then headed to California. Both were a blast!

Favorite Instagram Post: This post about our April snowfall

My Followers' Favorite Instagram Post: This post about my surgery's 10th anniversary

Favorite Blog Post: My Tips for Planning a Girls Trip (and a recap of our trip to Carmel)

My Readers' Favorite Blog Post: Thyroid Surgery: Tens Years Later - My post reflecting on my surgery and where I'm at now.

Favorite Wardrobe Purchase: This orange top from Francesca's. It's so feminine and perfect for spring.

Favorite Jewelry Purchase: These tassel earrings from Francesca's. I'm having a moment with tassels and these were the perfect color addition to my collection.

Favorite Nail Color: Apple Gel Polish's Venus Sky

Have a happy week!
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