Halloween DIY Costume Inspiration

in , , by Lavender Elizabeth, October 22, 2021
I'm suspending my blogging hiatus for a very important reason: Halloween! Next week, I'm hosting a costume party with friends and I cannot wait. While trying to decide what I wanted to dress up as, I started pulling together different options. I ended up with a list of thirteen and couldn't miss the opportunity to share. Below are my top DIY costumes for you to create this year, from Snow White to Wednesday Addams, and everything in between.

Your Costume Inspiration:
Outfit: black & white vertical striped blazer and bottoms; cropped black top; black lace-up boots
Accessories: black tie; sandworm (snake) earrings
Beauty: purple eyeshadow; green hair spray
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Outfit: grey cardigan; white button-up; black bralette; black pleated skirt; black knee-high socks; black heels
Accessories: small silver hoops
Beauty: braid pig tails; light pink pom-pom hair ties; pink bows; soft pink eyeshadow
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Outfit: yellow plaid blazer and skirt; yellow cropped cardigan; white t-shirt; white knee-high socks; white heels
Accessories: pink fuzzy pen; white mini backpack
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Outfit: black midi dress; spotted faux fur wrap; red pumps
Accessories: red gloves; green ring & studs; faux long cigarette
Beauty: black & white wig; bright red lipstick
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Outfit: silver sequin two-piece set; silver rhinestone heels
Accessories: disco earrings; disco headband; silver necklace; silver bracelets; disco ball tumbler
Beauty: glitter nail polish; silver body glitter
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Outfit: navy blazer and pencil skirt; navy pumps
Accessories: patterned neck scarf; hat; aviator sunglasses; airplane bracelet; wing pin
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Outfit: long sequin skirt; lace cropped cami
Accessories: shell and starfish hair clips; shell bracelets; starfish earrings
Beauty: turquoise eyeshadow; body glitter
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Outfit: billowy white blouse; leather shorts; fishnet stockings; lace-up boots
Accessories: corset belt; choker necklace; skull earrings; red headscarf
Beauty: deep red lipstick; black nail polish
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Outfit: black leather leggings; off-the-shoulder black top; leather jacket; red sandal heels
Accessories: black belt; gold hoop earrings
Beauty: curled hair; black liquid eyeliner; bright red lipstick
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Outfit: white collared top; blue sweater vest; yellow midi skirt; yellow pumps
Accessories: red bow headband; apple earrings and ring
Beauty: bright red lipstick
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Outfit: black peter-pan collar dress; fishnets (or knee-high socks); black boots
Accessories: coffin earrings; spider ring
Beauty: two braids; black bow hair ties; deep red nail polish; deep red lipstick
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Outfit: gold sequin dress; gold shimmer rights; gold heels
Accessories: sunshine headband; sun bracelet and earrings
Beauty: gold glitter lipstick; gold body glitter; glitter nail polish
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Outfit: silver metallic top; silver sequin pants; silver heels
Accessories: moon headband; moon earrings
Beauty: silver eyeshadow; star body glitter; glitter nail polish; silver lipstick
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Have a happy Halloween! 
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