My faith is who I am. It's how I make decisions, it's how I face my fears, and it's how I grow as a person. If you're interested in reading about how I came to Christ, I shared my full testimony on this blog in March 2016.
Here is a breakdown of what you'll read:
My family.
Moving (twice).
Grade 8
Catching the flu, but never getting better.
Trying to diagnose an illness that was stumping the doctors.
Part II: High School
Moving again.
Becoming sicker and sicker with no answers.
Experiencing a deep depression.
Meeting my best friends.
Officially giving my life to Christ. 
Meeting my endrocrinologist that changed everything.
Having surgery.
My first love.
Meeting my boyfriend.
Deciding on university.
Part III: College
Joining Chi Omega.
Taking time off school.
Learning about a second chronic illness.
Connecting with my faith in the summer.
New medication trial.
Changing my major.
Depression and therapy.
Taking time off school (again).
Habitat for Humanity in Argentina.
Joining a campus Christian group.
Decision to wear a purity ring.
Family moved away.
Finally experiencing college for the first time.
Studying abroad in Paris.
Deciding to move to Illinois.
An update on my first year of living in Illinois.
Coming soon: An update on where I am now.

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