101 Achieved List: Be a Bridesmaid

by Lavender Elizabeth, March 10, 2012
Who: My sister and I
What: My cousin, Melissa's Wedding to Alan
Where: Waterloo, Ontario
When: December 29, 2007
From: Done List

Left to Right: myself, Bethany, Melissa, Kim (cousin, Jason's wife), Susan (friend)

My cousin, Melissa, is 6 years older than me and the most amazing person! She was the cousin that I always wanted to be around and who I thought was the coolest person I'd ever met. I remember dressing up and dancing while she played the recorder for my family when I was 6. During a family dinner when we were visiting for Christmas, Melissa asked Bethany and I if we would like to be bridesmaids in her wedding. We were thrilled and had so much fun!

Who: Kiley and I
What: Bridesmaid in my best friend, Camille's wedding to Alex
Where: Gilroy, CA
When: December 17, 2010

When Camille first told me that she was engaged, I was shocked! She hadn't been dating Alex for very long (about 4 months), and I hadn't met him yet. However, as soon as she told me the story, I knew it was meant to be. Alex and Camille are two of the strongest Christians I know. Their entire relationship was based on the Lord, through meetings with her pastor and reading the Bible and praying together. They both prayed about each other, and within a couple months received their answers that this was the person they were meant to spend the rest of their lives with. Alex proposed on the beach, and with that they kissed for the first time and began planning. Camille asked me to be her bridesmaid in the cutest way! She, like me, is a scrapbook/craft fiend, so in her natural way, she crafted something. When I opened it, she had made a string of people holding hands in purple dresses with a "will you be my bridesmaid" note with it. THE. CUTEST. THING. EVER! I was so honoured to be apart of her wedding and to share the experience with Kiley (the maid of honour).

Who: Kristina, Jamie, and I
What: Bridesmaid in my best friend, Kellen's wedding to Egen
Where: Hartford, CT
When: August 11, 2012

Kellen is the second of my group of 10 to become engaged at 19. She began dating in September 2010 and they were officially engaged in August 2011. They met while swimming together on the Bentley swim team in MA, and knew almost right away that they had met someone special that they should keep in their lives. They are a great couple! They complement each other so well. Kellen prayed about Egen for a long time, as she felt in her gut that he was the one for her, but wanted the Lord to intervene, which He did. I have never seen Kellen so happy, and I cannot wait for her to begin her life with Egen!
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