What we Learned our Freshmen Year

by Lavender Elizabeth, March 06, 2012
While recovering from today on the couch with a heating pad, I started looking back at things from my freshmen year at Davis. One thing I came across was something we wrote to the future roommates of Marie and Clara's dorm room. I decided I would share our wisdom with all of you, so enjoy:

What we learned our freshmen year of college:

1. Swipe late night cookies during finals week -- you're going to need the energy
2. Play board/card games - it's a good way to bond
3. If you're taking chemistry, watch Enderele videos on You Tube: EnderlePhD -- they will save you!
4. Have spontaneous dance parties with your friends; they're a nice study break
5. Take as few units as possible Spring Quarter - the Rec Pool will be open and you'll have NO motivation
6. Alcohol Violations are NO JOKE! Don't be stupid, drink off campus.
7. Make friends with your neighbours. If you don't, bathroom run-ins will be awkward.
8. Don't put a cow in the first floor stairwell
9. Do not talk on the phone while biking. You will crash eventually.
10. Don't spend money on tissues. Toilet paper from the bathroom will do
11. Take quiet hours seriously. Noise violations aren't fun (being on a first name basis with the conduct coordinator is a bad sign)
12. This year will go by extremely fast, so enjoy it! GO AGS!
13. Davis sweats are worth the $35!
14. Your friends will become your family <3

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