101 List: Go Elevator Dancing

by Lavender Elizabeth, March 03, 2012

Who: Ella, Clara, Emma, Marie, and I
What: Dance in an Elevator
Where: Rambles Apartments, Davis
When: February 25, 2012
From: 101 List #1

This was by far one of the most spontaneous things we've ever done. Marie and Clara were going crazy...this happens on Saturday nights after studying for hours. The week leading up to this random night I barely left my bed I was so sick. When you've been living in your room, cabin fever happens quickly! The three of us were sitting on the couch looking at my list, trying to see if we could do something that would get me out of the house, when we came across the "dance in an elevator" goal, which prompted Marie to suggest we go do that! Then we went looking to see what else we could accomplish, and decided on buying a lottery ticket. We also decided that we should dress up semi-club-like. We then informed Ella and Emma of our plan and they thought we were crazy...but of course decided to join in. Needless to say, we had a fun night! We not only got to wear cute dresses, model random sunglasses, and dance, but we did all of these things in an apartment building we'd never been to before. See, completely random night ;)

Such a fun night! :D
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