Color Palette: An Apricot Mint Cocktail

by Lavender Elizabeth, June 03, 2015
Color Palette: Apricot & Mint

Mint bridesmaids' necklaces.
Apricot drapes and aisle decor.
An apricot cake and mint cake stand.
Apricot and mint macaroons.
Apricot watercolour invitations.
Mint centrepieces with hints of apricot.
A mint tablecloth with apricot candles.

A mint runner and apricot flowers.
An apricot boutonniere.
Light apricot tablecloths.
Mint bridesmaids dresses and apricot bouquets.
A vibrant bouquet of apricot and mint.
A nontraditional mint bridal gown.
An apricot-flavoured cocktail.

Will you serve an apricot mint cocktail of decor on your special day?
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