Color Wheel: Me and Blue Forever

by Lavender Elizabeth, June 10, 2015
Color Wheel: Blue

Bright Blue
Bright blue bridesmaids.
A cobalt suit.
Archway with bright blue and coral.
Bright blue tie-dye invitation.
Blue sapphire earrings.
Floral gradient cake.
Ribbon-inspired backdrop.
Bright hydrangea bouquet.
Patterned tablecloth with bright runner.
A vintage key boutonniere.

Light Blue 
Light blue napkins.
A light blue tie.
Light and airy bouquet.
Light blue bridesmaids.
An old rustic door painted blue.
Light blue cutout heels.
A blue floral bridal gown.
Light blue and white wavy bow cake.
Light blue invitation envelopes.
Chevron runners.
Will this color be with blue forever?
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