My March Recap & April To Do List

by Lavender Elizabeth, April 01, 2017
I don't know about you, but this month just flew by! All of a sudden the end of March hit, and I realized I only accomplished half of my to-do list (you can see which ones I finished below). Here's to hoping that April is a more productive month!

Attend the Reset Conference and blow everyone away with our styling and displays.
Complete with a 12-foot, 3D triangle chevron backdrop. Read all about it here.

Get published on Artfully Wed.
You can see all of the beautiful velvet details from our jewel-toned shoot here!

Have a mother-daughter date at Beauty and the Beast.
Our mom is quite the social butterfly, so we've pushed this back to this month.

Plan a beautiful boho shoot for Kristen Winkler Photography.
See a sneak peak of the venue here.

Update Southern Magnolias' blog with our Jewel-toned Styled Shoot and the King Wedding.
We didn't have time last month, but we're excited to showcase them in April.

Begin my Bible in a Year reading plan.
Loving it! I've read through Genesis and am almost finished with Exodus. I found my plan here.

Consistently go to church again.
Sadly, this didn't happen. I was out of town a lot, so missed.

Deep clean our apartment and donate unwanted items.
Moving this to April for some INTENSE spring cleaning!

Fill out my planner every Sunday.
I didn't do this, however, did fill out my Google calendar every week, so kinda?

File taxes for the first time.

Deep clean our apartment and donate unwanted items.

Create and organize binders to hold Southern Magnolias' event information.

Update Southern Magnolias' website with event galleries.

Remember and rejoice over the true meaning of Easter.

Head to a hairdresser (finally).

Head to San Diego to celebrate my best friend's bachelorette party.

Alleviate bridal stress by successfully coordinating our second wedding of the season.

Organize Southern Magnolias' Instagram.

Create and style an elegant boho photoshoot for Kristen Winkler Photography.

This month is filled with fun wedding and Southern Magnolias' events and I can't wait!

Here's to a great next month!
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