Weekend Recap: the Reset Conference

by Lavender Elizabeth, March 07, 2017
This past weekend, the company my sister and I own, Southern Magnolias, helped style a conference in Indianapolis. The Reset Conference is a two-day conference for photographers across the nation put on by two photographers from my area. When we initially met with them, they wanted something dramatic as a backdrop to the stage - something that would really make an impact. We decided to take that to heart and build a giant 3D chevron backdrop. We traced, cut, folded, and glued over 1000 triangles in four different colors. Our result - a 12x12 chevron 3D triangular backdrop. 

We also had our own vendor booth set up at the conference. We decided to go with something very in-tune with our brand with an ivory and blush display. We rented two gorgeous chairs from Violet Vintage that really made our booth pop, floral garland from Afloral, vintage plates from Pier 1, simple linens from Herriott's, and printed photos of some of our past work. This was our favorite part of the conference, as we were able to meet so many photographers and really show off what we do best.

This past weekend was a new experience for us and something completely out of our comfort zone. I am so proud of the work we put into this event and the final product that resulted.

Such a fun weekend expanding our business!

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