Bethany's Birthday: Gift Guide

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, March 23, 2017
Yesterday, my sister turned 23. She's strong, courageous, funny, has kickin' style, does things with her whole heart, and can cook like no other. She's not only my sister, but my roommate, business partner, and best of all, best friend. She is the most important person in my life and I love her like no other. So, in honor of my favorite person's birthday, I created a special gift guide tailor-made for her. Enjoy some of Bethany's favorite things!

Her favorite things include:
1. Cookbooks - especially signed ones (she collects them!)
2. Artfully designed cards
3. Dainty necklaces
4. Yummy smelling candles
5. Discovering new wines (and preserving them with cute stoppers)
6. Sipping a beer with friends
7. Makeup (especially beautiful lipsticks)
8. Relaxing with a puzzle
9. Drinking tea (in particularly unique mugs)

Want more? Be sure to check these out, too.

Happy Birthday beautiful!

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