My June Recap & July To Do List

by Lavender Elizabeth, July 03, 2017
June was full of new beginnings for me - new job, new city, new home. It's been a great month adjusting to this transition and cannot wait to see what July has in store for me! Before we head over to July, enjoy my June recap below.

Spend time with my friends during my last few days in Urbana.
We went for rooftop drinks before I left - it was so fun!

(Still) finally get my Illinois license.
Yes! I did this! Finally!

Move to Naperville.
Can't believe I've been here a month!

Start my new job in Human Resources.
The job is so busy - and I'm loving it!

Rearrange and decorate my room at my parents' house.
This is a work in progress. I have my design and layout, just need to execute!

Begin planning Bethany's wedding.
The venue's booked, I'm officially her Maid-of-Honor, and she said yes to the dress!

Get my 50,000 mile checkup done on my car.
Ended up also getting my break pads replaced. Goodbye money. ;)

Read my Bible every night before bed.
I may have waited to start this until the 30th of June, but I did it.

Begin the 30 Days of Gratitude sketchbook challenge.
I started planning everything out, but sadly, didn't open my sketchbook.

Find a church in my new city.
I think I found my home church this weekend!

Finish decorating my bedroom.

Connect with old friends.

Start journaling again.

See fireworks at least twice.

Start working out with Blogilates and My Fit Coach.

Start my new thyroid regimen.

Start drinking water with the help of the iHydrate app.

Buy a cold shoulder white dress.

Attend Intersect at my new church to meet other young Christian adults.

Attend my best friend's wedding in California.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July tomorrow!
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