Summer Recipe: Peach Wine Cooler

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, July 20, 2017

Have you ever sipped on a cocktail and thought to yourself, now this is summer? This peach wine cooler is that drink. It's sweet, a little tangy, and super refreshing! I hope you enjoy this cooler just as I did last night - sitting on your deck, watching the sunset. It was perfect! 

What you'll need:
1.5 cup peach wine
1 cup orange juice
1 lime
1 cup sprite
peace slices

How to make it:
1. Fill pitcher halfway with ice.
2. Pour in peach wine.
3. Add in orange juice.
4. Squeeze in the juice of one lime.
5. Add in Sprite.
6. Stir.
7. Add in thin slices of peach.

Tell me - where will you be enjoying this summer drink?
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