My Summer Nail Polish Picks

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, July 29, 2017
I absolutely LOVE having my nails done! I always feel so pretty when my nails are painted; I look more put together and professional, but still have fun pop of color. In the summer, I love trying new shades! This summer, I'm really into pinks, corals, and blues. Here are my top seven colors to try out this summer!

Color #1: Nude
For a streamlined look.

Color #2: Soft Pink
For a feminine look.

Color #3: Hot Pink
For a sexy look.

Color #4: Coral
For a Caribbean look.

Color #5: Turquoise
For a bright look.

Color #6: Soft Blue
For a seaside look.

Color #7: Cobalt Blue
For a bold look.

My polish picks:

Sheer Ecstasy by Sally Hansen

Soft Pink
At Least I Pink So by Nicole by OPI
Light Peach by Sinful Colors

Hot Pink
Peppy Le Fuchsia by Sally Hansen
Ali by Zoya

Orgasm by Nars
Snappy Sorbet by Sally Hansen

Timely Turquoise by Maybelline
Re-Teal Therapy by Sally Hansen

Soft Blue
Chalk Me Up by China Glaze

Cobalt Blue
Ship Happens by Defy & Inspire
Wild Card by Revlon

Which color will you be trying out this summer?
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