Hosting // A Galentine's Favorite Things Party

in , , by Lavender Elizabeth, February 12, 2019
I first read about a Favorite Things Party on Michaela Noelle Designs. She's hosted a couple for different holidays and I knew I had to try it. Last year, I hosted my first Galentine's Day Party with a Sleepover Theme; this year, it was time for a My Favorite Things Party.

Each person brings two gifts of their favorite thing. (I gave an intro-to-calligraphy book with markers.) Upon arrival, each guest fills out a questionnaire and writes her name on two slips of paper. Once completed, each questionnaire is read aloud. We all guess who filled them out and once discovered, that person pulls two names. The names pulled receive that person's favorite things gift. At the end of the game, everyone walks away with two fun gifts.

I provided a couple different appetizers, including mini pizzas, breaded sausages, spinach and feta pastries, and raspberry cream pastries. For the sweets, I made pink champagne cake pops and a special white chocolate popcorn. 

To start off the night, I made a simple cocktail in a color perfect for Galentine's. This girly drink was made with only two ingredients: sparkling rosé and lemonade. I also created two shooters for us to enjoy during the night. The first was a cosmo shooter, made with cranberry juice, lime juice, and raspberry vodka, dipped in red sprinkles; the second was chocolate dipped and filled with Strawberries & Cream Bailey's. We ended the night with a decked out hot chocolate bar, complete with Best Friends mugs.

Aside from the Favorite Things game, we also played three others. I bought prizes for each guest, so made sure there were fun ways to win. The first was a scratch off ticket. Each person received a goody bag with their questionnaire, pink and purple beads, and their scratch-off ticket (shoutout to Target's Dollar Section!). The other two games we played were classics: Valentine's Bingo and "What's in your Purse?"

Our apartment was a pink and red wonderland! Between fresh flowers and cute signs, we had everything needed for the perfect night in. A couple highlights include heart window-catchers and a bright and fun photo backdrop.

Have a very happy Galentine's Day ladies!
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