101 List: Attend a Concert

by Lavender Elizabeth, February 27, 2012

Who: Clara, Emma, Marie, Izzy, and me
What: LMFAO and Ke$ha Concert
Where: UCD Arc Pavilion
When: September 13, 2011
From101 List #1

So, Davis is a small college town. Nothing too exciting ever really happens there. But then they announced that LMFAO and Ke$ha were coming - this was huge news! Of course, the five of us (Ella was being lame...) bought tickets immediately. The week before the concert, we all decided we needed proper attire to attend. So off we went to Forever 21 (which had just opened a few months ago in Davis and was really our only shopping place within a 20 mile radius). Our goal was to find things that were sequined, animal printed, and/or sparkly! We all managed to find something, and were getting increasingly excited for the 13th to roll around.

The concert was amazing! I mean, get two of the biggest partiers/artists in one place with a bunch of drunk college students, what do you think you'll get. Izzy and Marie went to the floor level for the first half (LMFAO) and ran into some of our Chi O sisters. Marie's favourite thing to do is dance, so she was bustin a move with Izzy the entire time!

They then came back to wear we were sitting, and danced with us the entire time Ke$ha was on stage. We had a blast! Our thighs were sore and our voices were pretty much gone after that night. When we got home, we crashed! Of course, Marie, Izzy, and I had pre-recruitment activities the next morning at 9am - bet you can guess how tired we were the next morning ;)

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