101 List: Taking a Little - Revealing

by Lavender Elizabeth, February 29, 2012
Who: Littles and Bigs
What: Taking a little in Chi O
Where: Omicron Kappa chapter
When: November 4, 2011
From: 101 List #1

Revealing is the final day of Spoils Week, the day where the Littles finally find out who has been spoiling them all week as their Big. On this night, we present our littles with a flower and a sweatshirt with our family pattern on it. All the littles are given their sweatshirt at the beginning, before seeing us, so they know who else is in their family, and if they've stalked enough, who their family is. The rest of the house waits in the other room with our sweatshirts on (rolled up so you can't see our pattern). Then all the littles stand in a circle with their eyes closed while we sing, and at the end of the song, they turn around and we reveal ourselves!

My sister, Jacqueline

Some of us Wild Things: top, Katie (my grand-big), Terri, Lauren (my semi-twin), Jacqueline, Tracy, Natalie (my semi-Big); bottom, me and Niki (my great-grand-big)

Revealing myself to my little, Michelle!

Yes, my little is definitely taller than me!

The Wild Things Family: Jacqueline, Seika (Jacqueline's little), Hayley (Jacqueline's big), Terri, Tracy (Hayley's big), Niki, Katie, Lauren, me, Natalie, Michelle, Jacqueline (Lauren's little)...we're missing Britney (Terri's little) and Megan (Britney's little)

Part of my lineage: little, me, big*, twin, her little
*My Big, Megan, is no longer in Chi Omega (sadness), so her twin in the house (Natalie) adopted me. So she is now my Big and I love her! She's incredible!!

After revealing, we all went to dinner at Crepeville in downtown Davis - it's our tradition! It was delicious! After we'd stuffed ourselves silly, I had a bunch of girls back to my house to watch Bridesmaids. Who came? Izzy (her little had to go home), Marie (her little also had to go home), me, Michelle, Natalie, Lauren, Jacqueline, Emma, Shannon (Marie and Emma's big), and our sisters Hemmi and Avery. Clara also joined in on the festivities (we keep waiting for her to join Chi O). Needless to say, we had packed house, and it was amazing!

All of us attempting to squeeze into one picture!

I made Big and Little sweats for Michelle and I...we're modeling them ;)

 Izzy decided it would be fun to pick me up ;)

 The classic Best Friend picture <3 her family is the Little Devils
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