101 List: Buy Gourmet Cupcakes

by Lavender Elizabeth, April 04, 2012

Who: Izzy, Emma, Clara, Marie, and I
What: Buying Gourmet Cupcakes for my friends
Where: Sprinkles Cupcakes
When: 03-29-12
From: 101 List #1

For the after-party from my sister's Winter Ball this January, she bought her friends gourmet cupcakes (and thankfully saved me one!). Ever since then, I've really wanted to get my friends some. During our Spring Break vacation to Laguna Beach, I finally got my chance!

For Izzy: Vegan Red Velvet
For Emma: Milk Chocolate with Sprinkles
For Clara: Brown Sugar Praline
For Marie: Carrot Cake 
For me: Milk Chocolate
I'm seriously addicted to icing, so this was heaven on earth!
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