Goals: March 2012 Update

by Lavender Elizabeth, April 02, 2012
Cook 3 New Things - completed: 1

Bake 3 New Desserts (including Key Lime Pie) - completed: 1

Complete the 31 Day Photo Challenge

Write to my Soldier at Least Once a Week (and Send a Care Package for Easter) - completed: 3 weeks

Write One Letter a Day (31 Total) - completed: 10

Read a New Book (first, finish White Girl Problems) - started: Hunger Games

Pass all of my Classes with a B or Higher - PASSED ALL but with a couple C+'s

Write One Letter for Girls Love Mail

Send 2 Postcards via postcrossing.com

Visit San Luis Obispo

March Goals Update: This was a lot harder to complete than I had originally thought.

School and stress got in the way. I was expecting to have more free time, but sadly, did not.

31 Day Photo Challenge:
FUN! I might do the Instagram challenge, but without instagram (since I don't have an iphone)

I wrote to my soldier three times, but have sadly not heard back from him. I will be sending him a Spring care package instead as part of my April goals, since Easter will have passed by the time he receives it.

Finding the time to write a letter a day is extremely difficult. However, I would like to try this again for April, but set times aside to do this.

I finished White Girl Problems part way through March, and then decided to wait to start the Hunger Games until Spring Break. I did this, but then didn't have time to finish it. :(

My health got in my way this quarter a lot more than I thought it would. However, I did pass all of my classes while being in bed for most of the quarter, so I'm proud of that accomplishment!

Girls Love Mail/Postcards:
These will be part of my letter/day this month.

San Luis Obispo:
SUCH an incredible trip!
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