A May Goal: Blog Traditions

by Lavender Elizabeth, May 30, 2012
One of my goals this month was to come up with some weekly traditions to help me grow my blog. Throughout the month, I've been looking to see if I'd like to link-up with some other blogs (I found 2!), along with coming up with some ideas of my own. So...drum roll please...here are my ideas!

Monday: A Walk Down Memory Lane...
One of the pages on my blog is my on-going list of 101 Things I've Already Achieved. On Mondays, I'm going to go through those achievements, sharing my past with all of you!

Tuesday: ABC, Easy as 123
Lists, lists, and more lists. I am someone who really loves making lists, whether they be to-do lists, wish lists, favourites list, I am constantly writing them down. Since I happen to be a dork and love them, I'm going to share some of those lists each week!

Wednesday: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
This is my first link-up and my first post with these traditions (see it here!). Each week, Michaela over at Michaela Noelle Designs, she has guest bloggers, but also does some herself, and they list what they're loving and not loving during that week. It was so much working on it this morning and I'm so excited to continue with this!

Thursday: His Message
The most important thing in my life is my faith. Over the past year, my life has become so centred on God and His message and I really want to share that feeling with others. I read the Daily Reflection by Mark D. Roberts, so will most likely be sharing my thoughts on what he's said. He teaches in a way that completely makes sense to me, and also offers questions to reflect on. I write in a journal every night and a lot of the time, my entries revolve around what Mark has taught me that evening.

Friday: Fill in the Blank Friday
This is my second link-up from Miss Lauren over at The Little Things We Do. Each Friday, she creates either the beginning or end of a sentence and invites her readers to fill them in as she has. I'm super excited to participate in this - it's completely up my alley!

I'm getting really excited to start blogging!!!!
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