She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

by Lavender Elizabeth, May 30, 2012

This week, I'm going to start off with some new blog traditions, the first of which will be a link-up with the beautiful Michaela @Michaela Noelle Designs. This super talented girl graduated from my high school the year before I did, however, we have never officially met. When I stumbled upon her blog and saw that she does this each week, I decided I wanted to join (especially because I had come up with something to do each day except Wednesday - it was fate!), so enjoy:

She Loves Me:

(1) ICED WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA - No whip! This past month I feel like I've been living on these! As the last couple weeks of school wrap up, the workload is piling up, making for some very late nights. Personally, I'm not a coffee drinker (definitely a tea person), but I've realized caffeine (when sweetened) is a wonderful thing when you're going on 4 hours of sleep!

(2) MY BED Despite all the Starbucks I've been drinking, I am still so unbelievably excited to crawl into bed! There's something so nice about letting your body relax, while getting all snuggly. It's an added bonus when my bed looks as adorable as it does right now!

(3) "I WON'T GIVE UP" by Jason Mraz I heard this song on the radio the other day and decided to actually listen to the words - boy do I love this song! Sometimes you hear a song that is the embodiment  of how you're feeling at that point in time, and this happens to be that song!

(4) COLOURED HEELS This year for the Preference Night of our fall recruitment, we're going to be wearing coloured heels! Despite my new found love for shoes, I don't own any of these, so I've been looking on the internet to see what styles I like. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to hit up Ross or TJ Maxx to find some affordable, but adorable heels! (If only my college-student budget would allow me to get these beautiful Jessica Simpson shoes!)

She Loves Me Not:

(1) CALCULUS Today, alone, I studied and caught up on notes for 7 hours! My brain no longer wants to look at numbers, especially trig integrals. My plan this week is to work my butt off so that I can do extremely well on Friday's midterm (yes, I'm still in midterms while other colleges are on their summer break). All I want is a C- in this class - it's so hard!

(2) CLEANING Since being at home this weekend for my sister's graduation, I have had to unpack. For some reason, unpacking tends to lead to a disaster on my side of the room! Clara spent time cleaning her side up yesterday, but I have yet to do so because cleaning is awful! (Despite how fun this cartoon makes it look...)

(3) DAVIS'S HEAT This week, as we finish out the month of May, Davis has decided that it would like to get extremely hot. Although the beginning of fall quarter can be much hotter, this sucks. My ideal place to live would be somewhere that consistently had 60-70 degree weather. If only California would accommodate this request, it would be the perfect place to live!

That's is for this week! This was so much fun - thank you Michaela for introducing it to me! Cannot wait to continue in next week's link-up.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!
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