Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Color Palette: A Lemon & Lavender Soiree

A Colorful Palette: Lavender & Yellow

Chamomile and lavender soap favours.
Lavender "XO" chair decor.
A Lavender gazebo.
Yellow bouquet with hints of lavender.
Lanterns filled with lavender and yellow flowers.
Yellow and lavender invitations.
Yellow and lavender floral crown.
A beautiful yellow and lavender centrepiece.
Large yellow paper flowers lining the aisle.
A lavender Jillian gown.

Lavender pouches as favours.
A butter yellow tie.
Lemon and lavender bars.
Lavender bouquet place setting.
Yellow bridesmaids.
Lavender lemonade and straws.
Yellow place setting.
Lavender tablescape.
Yellow petals decorating the aisle.
Yellow and lavender hydrangea centrepieces.

Will you enjoy a lemon and lavender soiree?

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