Spending A Month in Paris

by Lavender Elizabeth, June 29, 2015

Dear Wedding Day is going French! Starting tomorrow, I will be living in Paris for the month of July, soaking up the culture and bringing it to this blog.

Throughout the month I'll be showing you inspiration that I find during my trip, including weekend adventures that I have in other countries. 

One change that will be coming this month is the absence of Friendly Inspirations. Rather than plan weddings from afar, I'm going to do French-inspired wedding ideas. But not to worry, Friendly Inspirations will be back in August with summer weddings!

Starting today, these next two weeks are going to be all about France!

What can you look forward to reading?
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What about the Fourth of July you say? Don't fret! Although I will be spending Independence Day in Paris, I will still be posting some red, white, and blue inspiration!

Until then...
Avec amour, à partir de Paris!
(With love, from Paris!)

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