Trip Recap: New York City

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, April 08, 2018
This past week, I spent time in New York City for my first all-team meeting. One major perk about working out of our NYC office - one of my childhood best friends works there, too! I was able to see her throughout my time in the city, which was amazing! Eighteen years of friendship and counting. When I wasn't with Shannon, I was with my entire Talent Engagement team, complete with our North American and Latin American groups. We had all-day meetings where we learned so much about the business and team events during the evenings. It was a wonderful welcome into my new team and can't wait to continue my journey with them and Diageo.

Wondering what exactly I did during the week? It's all below!

MONDAY: I arrived in NYC and met Shannon at my hotel. We grabbed dinner at Heartbeat, complete with lemon drops and jalapeƱo margaritas. We finished the night by watching the March Madness championship game with cider.

TUESDAY: I arrived earlier than the rest of my team to help prep for the meeting, along with some of our Latin American members. We went to Urbanspace for lunch, which was such a cool market-style lunch place. After bar night at the office, Shannon and I saw Kinky Boots on Broadway! It was David Cook's Broadway debut and he killed it!

WEDNESDAY: After our all-day meetings were finished, we went to bar night for a bit before heading to our Latin American themed evening. We had a custom Mexican menu created for us at The Breslin which was phenomenal.

THURSDAY: After work, I headed to Yankees Stadium to catch a game. What a cool experience! Definitely an All-American night.

FRIDAY: We had meetings in the morning and then I flew home at 5.

It was a jam-packed week full of connections, learning, and special events. I am definitely tired, but had such a great time with my team!
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