My March Recap & April To Dos

by Lavender Elizabeth, April 07, 2018
April is officially here - if only the weather would match the month. Crossing my fingers that we start to have some spring weather around here soon.

Below is my March recap and April To Do List.

Accept one of two full-time job offers.
It was a really tough choice, but I am officially a Talent Engagement Specialist at Diageo!

Attend downtown Naperville's Spring Fashion Show.
It was such a fun girls' day out!

Celebrate my mom's and Bethany's birthdays.
Loved celebrating the most important women in my life.

Celebrate the women in my life on International Women's Day.
There are five women who continually influence my life - you can read about them here.

Begin sorting my things into: keep, donate, trash, garage sale.
I have yet to start this - no excuse.

Celebrate a friend and her baby boy at her baby shower.
Cannot wait to meet her perfect munchkin!

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style.
I went into Chicago with friends - and it was great!

Start working out twice a week.
I started doing Pure Barre and jogging!

Move my sister's fiancé into his new apartment.
I ended up staying home to watch the pups, but can't wait to see his place.

Enjoy the weather as we move from winter into spring.
It's currently 30 degrees, so I don't think that qualifies at spring weather.

Take time to celebrate the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter.

Head to New York City for my first team meeting.

Experience my first Yankees game while in New York.

Run my first 5K for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

See the Shen Yun show with my family.

Spend quality time with my sister.

Go to Sushi and a Show in the city with friends.

Start training for the Tough Mudder in August.

Attend my church's first 20-30 somethings women's group.

Attend a fun event in Chicago.

Happy April everyone!
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