Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Halloween Weekend & DIY Group Costume

Halloween weekend means dressing up and going out with friends! This year, rather than go on a nighttime boat cruise, we deiced to do a day-time bar crawl. The crawl took place in River North, which is an area of Chicago I haven't explored very much. It was great! So many unique bars, with really different atmospheres. Plus, I got to do a group costume for the first time in years! We decided really last minute to recreate Winnie the Pooh and friends. Creating the looks were so simple. Our crawl recap and directions on how to make your own Winnie costumes are below. (Also, check out the incredible view from my friends' apartment!)




(Pitsotp: Fat Baby Taco) STOP 5: JOY DISTRICT



DIY Steps:

What you need:
1. Orange t-shirt
2. Black, tan, and orange felt
3. Headband
4. Pipe cleaner
5. Hot glue/gun

Shirt: Cut an oval out of tan felt and glue to shirt. Cut stripes out of black felt and glue to shirt.
Ears: Using this template, trace and cut ears out of orange felt. Glue pipe cleaner inside rim of ears. Fold over headband and glue together.
Complete the look: Add orange tights and some fun makeup.

For the rest of the gang:

WINNIE THE POOH: Follow the same steps to complete the ears. To finish the look, wear yellow tights and a red t-shirt with "Pooh" written in yellow puff paint.

PIGLET: Follow the same steps to complete the ears. To finish the look, wear light pink tights and long sleeve shirt, plus a hot pink t-shirt with black stripes (done with puff paint).

Have a great (and safe) Halloween!

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