Trip Recap // Weekend in Montreal

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, November 20, 2018
The past two weeks I've been traveling for work for recruitment events. Because of this, I had to opportunity to spend the weekend in Montreal in between meetings. I hadn't explored the city before, so it was really exciting to venture through the different areas. I don't typically travel by myself, so this was a new adventure for me. Everything I did over the weekend is below!


When I initially bought my ticket to the botanical gardens, I didn't really think it through. It was below freezing and snowed most of the day, so everything was pretty much dead when I was there (and it was super cold). I was able to explore the tropical greenhouses, which was interesting. I walked around the outdoor gardens for a little bit, where I found the most adorable blue barn! Otherwise, though, the garden was kind of a bust.

I had read about a great lookout spot up in Mount Royal Park, so decided to head over there to end my day. Turns out, the lookout is deep within the park and I would have had to go on a little hike to get there. It was also starting to get dark and I didn't have the right shoes, so decided I shouldn't do that. I, instead, went to a different lookout spot that I'd seen driving. Sadly, it wasn't a very clear night, so the view was only okay.

Since I had been working so much the past couple weeks, I decided to take a night to myself and stay in. Room service, Tim Hortons, and a movie were just what I needed.


I woke up early to go to yoga! The Observatoire offers tickets to yoga and brunch where you get to go up to the 46th floor and do an hour's yoga class, then head to Les Enfants Terribles for brunch. The yoga class ended up being in French, but thankfully some of my high school vocab came back to me. It was a great start to my day, with the perfect view of the city and a tasty brunch.

I had heard about Old Montreal and knew that I had to go see it. It was truly like stepping back in time. There were cobblestone streets, European architecture, and a beautiful view of the water. I spent a couple of hours just walking around and exploring the town. It was my favorite thing I did while in Montreal.

It also happened to be Remembrance Day, which meant that I was in my home country for the first time, able to honor those that fought for my freedom. In Canada, we wear poppies to symbolize the sacrifice the soldiers made for us. It was really special to be able to wear my poppy this year.

Overall, I had a weekend that was both relaxing, as well as full of exploration. Having a weekend away in the middle of a work trip was perfect.

Where should I go to next?
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