Friday, June 28, 2019

What to Wear on the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is just around the corner and I can't wait! Fireworks are one of my all-time favorite things, so this holiday is made for me. This year, I'm staying in Chicago, BBQing and watching the fireworks on the beach with friends. Fifteen of us are also renting a boat on Lake Michigan over the weekend, which will amazing (as long as it doesn't rain)! 


One of the first things I prepared for Thursday's festivities was my outfit. I'm wearing this shirt from Target, similar shorts to these from Francesca's, and some very cute accessories, including a headband, earrings, and heart-shaped sunglasses.


If you're trying to decide what to wear, I've got you covered! From striped dresses to pretty rompers; jean shorts to classic t-shirts, there's something for every celebration.

Outfit #1: Dress / Purse / Shoes
Outfit #2: T-shirt / Shorts / Earrings / Shoes
Outfit #3: Romper / Headband / Shoes

Outfit #4: Tank / Shorts / Fanny Pack / Shoes
Outfit #5: Romper / Scrunchies / Shoes
Outfit #6: T-shirt / Skirt / Bracelet / Shoes

Outfit #7: Dress / Earrings / Shoes
Outfit #8: Shirt / Overalls / Shoes
Outfit #9: Shirt / Shorts / Sunglasses / Shoes

What will you be wearing this Fourth of July?

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