101 List: Donate to Locks of Love

by Lavender Elizabeth, February 29, 2012
Who: Me
What: Donating to Locks of Love
Where: Cielo Salon in Willow Glen
When: June 21, 2011
From: 101 List #1

Round One:

In January of 2010, I decided that I really wanted a change for my hair. It was insanely long and was starting to become a hassle. I had had long hair my whole life (with a period of a shorter length in grade 8), and decided that short hair was the way to go! So I made an appointment, along with my sister, and we cut off ponytails of our hair and donated it to Locks of Love. Bethany cut off 10 inches, and I cut off 12.5! Take a look...

Before: I'm on the right
During: so strange to be holding your won ponytail!

After: the final shot of Bethany's long hair and the first shot of my short hair!
I decided a couple months after that I wanted to keep donating my hair. It not only gave me a chance to help a cancer patient, but allowed me to have my hair at every length. I decided then that I would grow my hair out until I could cut 10 inches off, then I would donate it, and then start the process again.

Round 2:

My second change came in June 2011, only 14 months after the first time. I was so excited to get my hair cut and have a change again! So, in I went and cut off 10.5 inches!




I am now in the process of growing my hair out again! Here's a picture after 6 months:
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