101 List: Get a New Piercing

by Lavender Elizabeth, February 29, 2012

Who: Daphne and me
What: Piercing my Cartilage
Where: Pierced Out in San Jose
When: July 24, 2011
From: 101 List #1

For about two years I had been talking about wanting to pierce my cartilage. One day while my parents were out of town, I even called them to see if I could do it, and that night Bethany and I went to Claire's to do it. Unfortunately this didn't happen because I was unaware that you needed to go to a professional to have it done.

Finally last July, I did it! Daphne and I had made plans a couple weeks before to get our piercings together and I was psyched! My parents on the other hand weren't too thrilled. I definitely remember by parents asking me if I was sure over and over - my dad even said "bye pretty ear" before I left. But I was now 19 and ready to do something on my own, so off we went!

We both decided to get the same earring (which we both still have in) and it's so pretty. It's this opalescent white and matches with everything (which made me extremely happy). It killed for the next couple months if I laid on it in any way, and still randomly hurts (I had problems with my regular piercings for the first few years after), but I still love it. Whenever I look at it, I remember that that was one of my first decisions on my own! :D
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