101 List: Attend a Music Festival

by Lavender Elizabeth, February 27, 2012
Kellen, me, Daphne, Bethany, & Kristina at Summerthing
Who: Kellen, Daphne, Bethany, Kristina, and I
What: 97.3 FM, Alice's Summerthing
Where: San Francisco's Golden Gate Park
When: June 26, 2011
From101 List #1

Every summer, 97.3 puts on a concert in the park with at least four artists performing. It was being advertised like crazy on the radio, so I was constantly hearing about it! Finally, I decided to see if my friends wanted to go, and so five of us ending up going.

Before the concert, we went to see Adrianna get baptized. I had never seen someone baptized before, and it was incredible. I was so proud of her! I love that my group of friends is so supportive to one another. And someone, it became a maxi dress day! Bethany, Daphne, and I all wore our new maxi dresses for the first time - it was actually nice enough in San Fran to be able to do that!

Once we were finished congratulating Adri, we drove to Golden Gate Park and attempted to find somewhere to sit. I've never seen so many people in one place! We walked around throughout Michelle Branch's entire set (love her songs, but not so great live). Finally we shoved ourselves in the middle of a  couple groups and enjoyed the show. One Republic was incredible! They closed out the show and I was insanely impressed!

The concert was great! It was so much fun (and so Californian of us) to be at a free, outdoor concert in San Francisco with the sun shining and great friends! Mind you, I did get the strangest sunburn - and when I say sunburn, I mean crazy blister gross sunburn in the shape of a racer-back tank.

Proudest moment of the day however, was squeezing my car out of this insane parking job:

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