101 List: Taking a Little - Spoils

by Lavender Elizabeth, February 29, 2012
Who: Littles and Bigs
What: Taking a Little in Chi Omega
Where: Omicron Kappa chapter
When: October 30-November 3
From: 101 List #1

Spoils Week and revealing are two of the highlights of being in Chi Omega. Throughout the week, the new members (littles) receive gifts from their bigs (mentor/buddy in the house) anonymously. Then finally, on Friday, the bigs reveal themselves to their littles. Revealing is also where you learn your family's name and meet the lineage! My family is the Wild Things <3

My Revealing: It was a holiday party which is why Marie and I are wearing antlers ;)

My Big, Megan:

Spoils Week Day 1: Candy Poster

The first day, we had to make a poster using candy...a lot trickier than it sounds! Marie, Izzy, and I stayed up late making ours together. I loved being able to use glitter on my poster! I then left it at the house for my little to find at her meeting!

Spoils Week Day 2: Heritage

The second day, we're to give our little a basket full of heirlooms and anything to do with our heritage. Therefore we can give things in our colours, our family pattern, and anything else related to sisterhood. I actually delivered my little's basket that night to throw her off my scent ;) The new members get really into guessing who their bigs are, so we have fun with it.

Spoils Week Day 3: Insignia

The third day we give our littles a basket filled with Chi Omega's colours: cardinal and straw. This day was so much fun! I bought streamers and a poster, along with baking her some pumpkin cake (yum!), to surprise her. When I knew she had class, I went to her apartment and decorated the door to her bedroom with the poster and streamers! On our way out the door, Marie had a brilliant plan to decorate the staircase leading up to her apartment, and boy did it look fabulous!

Spoils Week Day 4: Owls!

This is probably the best day! Chi Omega's symbol is an owl, and boy do you accumulate a lot of owl things over the years of being a sister. The first step to owl-mania is this day! Now, for this amazing day, I had shirtless crew men deliver her basket! Unfortunately, she wasn't at home that night due to another club meeting, so I took photos of the men with her basket and left it with her roommate to give to her. These men were quite delicious! ;)

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