Is That Normal? Week 2

by Lavender Elizabeth, June 12, 2012
This week is finals week here in Davis, so needless to say, it's been a stressful week...and it's only Tuesday! I took my first final yesterday at 8am (sadly, I haven't been up this early in months, so I was exhausted yesterday! I never thought my amazing sleep schedule would get a "sadly..."). Just 3 more separate me from a beautifully, relaxing summer!

On another note: I HAVE A FOLLOWER! It might sound totally lame, but she's my first one (and wasn't even a friend I tried to coerce into following me!). You should go check out her blog over at Buttercups & Blue Scrubs to share the love! She has an adorable blog!

Now, on to Is That Normal? Week 2!

Is it normal to pretend you didn't already know about someone/something via Facebook when it comes up in a "real life" conversation with that person?
Completely and totally NORMAL! My friends already know my secret: I creep on them because I love them. It really doesn't surprise any of them when I say "oh yeah, I saw that on Facebook." And now that Facebook has come up with this new "Close Friends" deal, I get notifications whenever my friends post things, so really, it can't be a complete shock that I already know what they're talking about. However, I do know people who pretend they don't something, and honestly, just fess-up: we all do it! #proudfacebookstalker

Is it normal to "fart and walk away?"
Definitely normal. We've all thought, "If I just let it out and walk away, no one will know it was me!" You learn this lovely trick when you're in grade 5 and someone does it. If you haven't done it, welcome to this new, kind of gross, trick.

Is it normal to spy on your neighbors?
I think is totally normal. It's human nature to be curious about your neighbours! And if you have neighbours who are loud or who are always doing something interesting, it can be kind of fun. It might help that we have a balcony on our second floor making this just so easy. Man, between this and the Facebook creeping...I promise I'm not a stalker!

Is it normal to read your boyfriend's/husband's texts?
I definitely don't think this is normal. If you trust your boyfriend/husband, there should be no need to read through his texts. If you have a reason to creep, you should think about that reason before you read through significant other's personal conversations.

Is it normal to compulsively check social media for notifications?
When you're a college student and procrastinating from schoolwork, definitely normal. When you're out with people and enjoying each other's company, not normal (and really, if you're checking when you're out doing things, you must be really bored, and should maybe invest in some fun, new things!)

Is it normal for a 20-something women to listen to Rap/Hip Hop?
Completely normal! I mean honestly, in what world is 20-something too old to listen to Kanye West? The first half (and probably more...) of your 20's are spent in college. If you go to a party, what do you expect to hear? Plus, it is just way too fun to go all thug and dance my ass of - I know my best friend would completely agree! (She's someone who every Friday night says, "guys, can we just go out for a bit? I REALLY WANNA DANCE!")

Is it normal to take toiletries from a hotel?
I'd say not normal, at least not for me. I think I'm too loyal to Dove to use anything else. And is it just me, or do hotel toiletries always leave your skin feeling all sticky after you wash your body? However, that being said, some people love and collect them, so I suppose it's normal for them!

Is it normal for your dog to sleep in your bed?
Since this is the only way my dogs will go to bed, totally normal! When we first got Kinchie, she was so tiny, and my mom automatically wanted her to sleep with them to help her potty-train. Of course, then she got in the habit of sleeping with my parents, so when Whinnie came along, she, too joined in on the sleepover! Whenever I go home, I love it when my mom leaves for work and my dogs come in and sleep in my bed until I decide to wake up!

Is it normal to taste test grapes out of the bag at the grocery store?
Gross, not normal. You know that when you're testing the grapes they've probably been touched by other "testers" right? And you know that you're supposed to wash your fruit before eating it, and when you're testing your food at the store, it hasn't been washed, right?

Is it normal for men to shape their eyebrows?
The only thing I can think of when reading #10 is the Friends episode where Joey gets his eyebrows waxed. If you've seen this episode, you know it's not normal! He looked CREEPY! Plucking occasionally so you don't look like a werewolf, totally normal, so go for it! I mean, you do want to look nice and clean for your lady, right? But full on waxing, I think I'm old school and think that is just too girly for a dude!

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