Goals: May 2012 Update

by Lavender Elizabeth, June 02, 2012
Participate in Derby Days (Sigma Chi's philanthropy).
Sadly, I didn't participate as much as I'd hoped. It turned out to be a very busy week for me with all my doctors appointments. I did, however, buy the shirt!

Bake and/or cook for Mothers' Day.
I also wasn't able to do this. During the week, I made Cupcake Sliders and Cookie Fries, which took FOREVER, so I was a little baked-out. I'll make up for it over the summer when I have plenty of time!

Continue to buy flowers every two weeks.
I did this! The first set I bought were beautiful blue flowers, and the second set were little light pink ones.

Start some blogging traditions.
I've decided what traditions I'm going to begin! I have officially started my Wednesday tradition, and was all ready to start my Friday one, but then she didn't do it this week. I have a feeling these traditions will officially begin when my summer break starts. (Find post here!)

Make paddle key-chains for some of my sisters.
They turned out so cute! I made them for the 5 of us girls and my little. I quite like them, and so do they!

See Jamie for a weekend (hopefully in Davis!).
I was so happy I was able to see this girl! It was, however, in San Jose, but we spent the whole day together and it was wonderful! She is now officially in Spain for her summer study abroad and won't be back until Kellen's wedding.

Try the Pinterest clothing experiment (my name for it).
I am definitely doing this right now! It's so interesting to a) see how many pieces of clothing I have, and b) to see how many different outfits I wear in a day.

Go to calculus tutoring twice a week.
I am now going once a week. The second tutor I had was just making me more confused (he wasn't a very good teacher), so I decided it wasn't worth it.

Watch my sister graduate high school.
She graduated last weekend! I will definitely post about this later this week!

Complete my fundraising goal for Walk for Wishes.
I reached my personal goal: $150!
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