Is That Normal? Week 3

by Lavender Elizabeth, June 20, 2012
This post is coming very late this Tuesday evening. It has been an extremely stressful day for me, but this is how I relaxed before going to bed, so it was worth the wait!

Is that normal?

Is it normal to drive 5 mph over the speed limit? 10 mph?
Totally normal! I'm one of those people that get angry at the car ahead of me for going the speed limit. I realize they're doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing, but it's just so annoying! Now, 10 mph over, unless on the freeway (let's be real, no one really drives just 70), not normal. That's just asking for a ticket!

Is it normal to pick a wedgie in public?
Unless you can disguise this so well that no one would know, I'd say not normal. Whenever I see someone do this, I'm like, come on, just wait a few minutes until you can definitely hide and fix one wants to see your hand picking at your ass.

Is it normal to put makeup on even if you aren't planning on leaving the house?
This depends. When you know you're home because you're sick, not normal. You're sick, just let yourself go fresh faced! If you're home because you have nothing better to do, then yes, totally normal! You have to feel like you're still getting ready for the day for the off chance you decide to go out.

Is it normal to go skinny dipping?
On a regular basis, not normal! However, I do think this is something everyone should do at least once. I, myself, have never done it, despite having a pool in my backyard, but one day, when I'm brave enough and my parents aren't home, I might just try it.

Is it normal to use the restroom while on the phone?
So not normal! I have a friend that will go to the bathroom while talking on the phone and the rest of us just look at her thinking, "man am I glad I'm not on the other end of that call." Either hold it until you're conversation ends, or just wait a couple minutes before making a call.

Is it normal to check yourself out when passing by a window/mirror?
Totally normal! As girls, we can't help it: when you see a mirror/window, you've got to see if you're still looking as fly as when you left your house.

Is it normal to keep folded laundry in the basket instead of putting it away?
I would say this isn't normal, however, we're all guilty of doing this! I leave my laundry in my hamper for quite some time and then will eventually put everything away when I get sick of rummaging through it to find what I'm looking for.

Is it normal to turn & walk the opposite direction when seeing someone you know in a store?
Normal, all the way. When you know someone, but not very well, so you don't want to have that awkward conversation, avoiding the situation altogether is the best option. I tend to just avoid eye contact while keeping a small eye on them rather than turning and walking in the opposite direction (then it looks like I'm not hiding from them if they see me).

Is it normal to drink coffee/soda from a straw?
Soda: totally normal! When drinking out of a can, a straw can seem so much cleaner and when you go out for dinner, you always get a straw with your soda - there's a reason for that.
Coffee: sometimes normal. When it's an iced coffee, like at Starbucks, a straw just seems to make sense. Hot coffee, however, I would say not normal. I tried this the other week and it was a fun little experiment, but I felt totally weird while doing it!

Is it normal to hover the toilet in a public restroom?
Normal. In Canada, seat covers just don't exist, so this was the only way to go without feeling all icky. In the states, though, I feel like it's less normal because seat covers are everywhere! You've got a barrier, so why waste those lovely leg muscles?
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