My April Recap & May To Do List

by Lavender Elizabeth, May 03, 2017
This month was busy! Between our second wedding of the season, spending a weekend in San Diego for a bachelorette party, styling the biggest photoshoot of Southern Magnolias' career thus far, and watching my sister get engaged, it was a whirlwind! I definitely made progress on my April To Do List, but wasn't able to get everything done I wanted to (see below). Here's to (hopefully) having a productive May!

File taxes for the first time.
Does this make me an official adult?

Deep clean our apartment and donate unwanted items.
We did some serious cleaning, but definitely didn't go through anything to donate. I've decided to set smaller cleaning goals, rather than the whole house (see my May list), so hopefully it'll be more doable!

Create and organize binders to hold Southern Magnolias' event information.
Truly and utterly failing at this item. ;) I will do it eventually - I promise.

Update Southern Magnolias' website with event galleries.
We officially have all of the photos to do this, so the galleries will be going live soon!

Remember and rejoice over the true meaning of Easter.
You can read about the verses I focused on here.

Head to the hairdresser (finally).
It's so nice to have hair with layers and shape again! I only needed to cut off 1.5 inches (yay healthy hair), but it made a world of difference.

Head to San Diego to celebrate my best friend's bachelorette party.
Such a fun (and tiring) weekend! To see what we did, click here.

Alleviate bridal stress by successfully coordinating our second wedding of the season.
This was the first wedding we did separately, but it completely worked! It was the same weekend as my California trip, so I helped with the prep work and scheduling, while Bethany handled everything on the day-of. And she did great!

Organize Southern Magnolias' Instagram.
Yes! I have a calendar and everything to start posting this month.

Create and style an elegant boho photoshoot for Kristen Winkler Photography.
Despite a 90% chance of thunderstorms throughout the day, we killed it. I cannot wait to show you the photos!

(Finally) get my Illinois license.

Go through my closet and donate unworn items.

Update my wardrobe with some cute spring pieces (as a reward for cleaning out the closet).

Follow Southern Magnolias' blogging (and Instagram) schedule.

Try my hand at weekly meal planning.

Begin a new skincare routine.

Start sketching again as a way to relax.

Share my story with depression in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.

Celebrate my high school seniors' graduations.

Enjoy a girls' weekend in Chicagoland with my college best friends.

Happy May everyone!
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