Getting to Know Southern Magnolias

by Lavender Elizabeth, May 12, 2017

Last month, Southern Magnolias was featured on Mager Image Photography's blog as her first ever vendor feature! We first worked with Emily back in February on a styled shoot (being published on The Perfect Palette in August!) and had a blast! She is so vibrant in everything she does, and best of all, she takes gorgeous photos! During the shoot, Emily offered to take updated headshots for us. We're never ones to turn down taking photos, so we jumped at the chance. Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite images, along with a few questionnaire items we filled out for her blog. I hope you enjoy getting to know Southern Magnolias a little better!

What is your favorite part of the job?
During our planning process, we always have an idea of what our final product should look like. After hours of finalizing details and perfecting sketches, it is so satisfying to see our designs come to life! Being happy with the final product makes the hard work worth it every time!

What are you future plans for your business?
We are going to start migrating into the styling world. We absolutely LOVE styled shoots, so we're looking to expand our business into styling for workshops and local magazines.

What do you want readers to know about you?
We have fun! As dedicated and serious as we are about our work, we love to keep the energy light. On days that we're styling, you will always find good music, laughter, and never ending conversation. We're sisters and best friends and it's always easy to see!

What do you want readers to know about your business?
Our main goal is always to work with clients that push us outside our comfort zones, even if it means traveling to new places. If our styles mesh with a client, it's always worth the extra mileage to create something incredible.

Five random facts about you and your business:

Family is very important to us, so when we started brainstorming our company name, we knew we wanted to incorporate our familial ties. The "S" in Southern comes from our paternal grandmother's maiden name, Stowe, and the "M" in Magnolias comes from our mother's maiden name and maternal grandmother's last name, McDermott.

We almost never take a meeting without the other sister present, because we really are just better together.

We love Jesus!

On our rare days off, you can find us watching HGTV or Friends reruns, tea (or wine) in hand.

We love to surprise each other with little gifts every now and then. It's our own sister love language.

Want to learn more about Southern Magnolias? Head to our website:
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