Weekend Recap: She Said Yes!

by Lavender Elizabeth, May 04, 2017
This past weekend, my sister's best friend and love her of life asked her to spend forever with him - and she said yes!

The Story:

When Bethany and Kenneth first started dating, Kenneth sent Bethany the song "Perfect" by Mitch Rossell. That song quickly became the first of many that would encompass their relationship. Back in January, the two of them attended the Garth Brooks concert in Cincinnati where Mitch happened to open the show. After the concert, they met him and told him all about the importance of that song. They joked around with him about playing at their wedding and took some photos. Fast forward to March when Garth Brooks announced he was adding Champaign (where we live) to his tour schedule. That's when Kenneth had the idea to propose to her there. Over the next few weeks, Kenneth got in contact with Mitch's touring manager and the two of them planned the whole thing. I loved getting screenshots from Kenneth throughout the planning process - he was so excited! Before heading to the concert, Kenneth surprised Bethany with fourth row seats to the concert (under the rouse of winning them from a local radio station). At the concert, during the third song of Mitch's set, Kenneth asked Bethany to dance in the aisle. Then, during the chorus, Kenneth got down on one knee and asked Bethany if she would marry him, and she said yes. The whole thing was shown on the jumbotron in front of 20,000 people. In the plans that were made, Kenneth was supposed to propose at the end of the song, but he just couldn't wait! There's something just so cute and wonderful about that.

As another surprise, my parents and I bought tickets to the show so that we could be there to watch the proposal. Being able to be there was everything. We all videotaped, took photos, and cheered them on. I definitely teared up when I saw him get down on one knee. After the show, we all went back to my parents' hotel room (including Kenneth's parents and Nana who were also at the show) and celebrated. There was champagne, cupcakes, and lots of hugs! I also surprised Bethany with a "Soon to be Mrs. Heasley" mug.

It is so crazy to me that we'll officially be adding Kenneth to the family. We've known for a long time that he would be Bethany's forever, but actually having the ring on her finger puts everything into perspective. And I couldn't be happier. Kenneth takes care of my sister in ways I don't even think she realized she needed. He keeps her safe, makes her laugh, wraps her in bear hugs, and loves her like crazy. This past year that they've been together, Bethany has truly been 100% happy in herself and I think Kenneth has a lot to do with that. It's amazing what unconditional love from someone can do. I'm so excited to begin planning our very own Southern Magnolias wedding and can't wait to see how their future unfolds.

Congrats you two!
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