Weekend Recap: Mother's Day

by Lavender Elizabeth, May 17, 2017
This weekend was perfect! Saturday was super busy and Sunday was spent relaxing. We celebrated Mother's Day a day early due to my sister's work schedule, so Saturday was spent celebrating Mom. To find out how we spent our weekend, read below.

Saturday Morning: NASCAR

My parents surprised Kenneth with an early birthday gift over Easter and this weekend they cashed it in. Both my Dad and Kenneth did the Mario Andretti Racing Experience! This means that they each drove a Nascar, solo, around the Chicagoland Speedway. My Dad drove 151.92 mph and Kenneth drove 152.04. They went FAST! Us three ladies went to cheer them on and had a blast!

Saturday Night: Paint Nite

Bethany and I surprised our Mom with tickets to Paint Nite! I had never been, but Bethany had, and said it was a blast. And it was! The three of us had so much fun spending the night together, just painting, drinking, and laughing. We also surprised her with something she's been asking for since Christmas: Alex and Ani bracelets. In honor of Mother's Day, we thought the birthstone bracelets would be perfect!

Sunday: Pure Relaxation

We started Sunday off with a lovely brunch with the whole family. After brunch, Bethany and Kenneth left and I began my binge of 13 Reasons Why (which I finished Monday night and can't stop thinking about). To finish off our day, my parents and I enjoyed a great dinner, complete with BBQ'd chicken, caesar salad, squash, and garlic bread. 

I had such a great weekend spent with my family, enjoying new things. I hope all the mamas out there had a very special Mother's Day!
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