Weekend Recap: Keiko + Lindsay Visit

in , by Lavender Elizabeth, May 09, 2017
I absolutely love when my friends come to visit! I've been lucky these past few months because my friends' jobs have brought them to Chicago, so I've been able to sneak in some nice visits. This weekend, my best friend of sixteen years, Keiko, came to visit with one of her best friends, Lindsay (whom I love to pieces). They came to tour Northwestern for grad school, but added in an extra two days for Chicago touring and visit time.

Saturday was a completely lazy day. Both Keiko and Lindsay have been traveling a lot lately, so they were pretty exhausted. During our Say Yes to the Dress marathon, they each took a nap. For dinner, we headed to Lou Malnati's in downtown Naperville. I had never been before, but let me tell you - that's some seriously tasty pizza!

Our Sunday began with a gorgeous brunch my parents setup for us complete with crepes, mimosas, and fresh fruit. From there, we got ready for the day and headed into Chicago. Our first stop was Starbucks for some warmth. Although it was a beautifully sunny day in the city, it was only 50 degrees and windy, so hot coffee was a must have. Equipped with our coffee, we headed to Millennium Park to visit the Bean. After taking plenty of photos, we decided to have a late lunch at Broken English Taco Pub. I'm not the biggest fan of authentic tacos, but man these were good! We opted for the Family Style Taco Tray so that we could each have two different tacos. I had a Tinga de Pollo and a Fried Chicken - so tasty! From there, we went to 360 Chicago (formerly known as the John Hancock Building) for drinks at the Signature Room on the 96th floor. We enjoyed some wine while admiring all of Chicago. It really is a beautiful city, especially when you're looking down on it from so high up. You're really able to see all of the different elements and how beautiful each neighborhood is.

On our way home from Chicago, we stopped at Oberweis for ice cream - something Keiko had been craving all weekend.

Our night ended with tea, snacks, and some relaxation in front of the TV.

It was a really fun and relaxing weekend spent with friends. Can't wait to see them again in July at Caitlin's wedding!
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